Monday, October 28, 2013

Composite Effects Masks for halloween

If you are after a really cool mask this halloween and have some extra cash lying around, check these guys out they have the coolest silicone masks around

they are so soft and flexible they move with your own facial expressions and you can talk with almost natural mouth movement. Who wants to sit in a make-up chair for hours getting foam latex applied when you can put one of these babies on in seconds.


Hot Toys is my favourite brand of collectible figures. The attention to detail is amazing, although the prize prevents me from buying too many :) I have only bought the characters from movies that I really love. check out the website

here is a publicity photo of the Captain Jack Sparrow figure, comes with a fantastic amount of accessories including two different heads with an eyeball moving system which allows him to look where ever you like.

Epic Halloween Prank by Tom Mabe

Love this prank, wish I had a flying skeletor :) 

Totally Obsessed Turtle Girl

Ok this would have to be my FAVOURITE video of 2013!!! I love that she is so passionate about Teenage Ninja Turtles. Please watch and enjoy :)

"follow your heart"

Broadway Baby!

 I love this video! this little girl is either over excited to be a Broadway Baby or she has had waaaayyyy too much sugar, enjoy

Hi Guys n Gals

Hi there everyone - I have started a new blog about nothing in particular, just things I see on the internet and think to myself "Ooh that's cool!" so hopefully I will be updating quite frequently as I usually find cool things on the internet all the time :) So welcome, get comfy and enjoy my blog .